A sunset cruise where you can enjoy beautiful island silhouettes

The Foucault cruise experience

Another cruise, departing from the city of Takamatsu in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku, visits an array of islands with richly undulating terrain and their own unique cultures. A choice of one-day and half-day cruises are available that enable passengers to savor a yacht-sailing experience, enjoy walking around the islands and appreciate works of art. A particularly popular plan enables passengers to enjoy watching the sunset over the Setouchi Inland Sea from aboard the yacht.

Foucault co., ltd

Cruises depart from the Takamatsu Marina

Five to 10 minutes' walk from either JR Takamatsu Station or Kotoden Takamatsu-chikko Station

With calmer waves than in comparison with the open seas, the Setouchi Inland Sea has enjoyed prosperity since olden times as a key trading route, and offers an ideal environment for cruising. The sea's straits are made up of over 700 islands, with majestic natural scenery, and also enable visitors to encounter a wide variety of Japanese culture, including traditional fishing culture and more-recently established contemporary art culture. The climate is warm and mild, and the Inland Sea also provides an abundance of delicious seafood, allowing visitors to enjoy a special time on the waves from morning to night, throughout all four seasons of the year.